The Coach

Toninho-Cecílio---XV---20Retired as a Soccer Player in 2001, at the end of his agreement with Santo André, Toninho Cecílio got his first invitation to become a Coach in 2002. The opportunity came from the Paulista Second Division Club Paraguaçuense.

After working at Paraguaçuense, in 2005/2006, Toninho was hired as a substitute coach by Fortaleza, a club where he used to work as a Manager, and then he went to Guaratinguetá in 2007. At that moment Toninho interrupted his coaching career to become the Soccer Manager of Palmeiras, and held that position until early 2010 when he decided to dedicate his efforts exclusively to the Soccer Coach profession. Also in 2010 he was invited by Grêmio Prudente to coach the first team. At that time the team was at the 10th position of the Campeonato Paulista (São Paulo Champioship). After the arrival of Cecilio, Grêmio won 87.5% of the points played, ranked in the 3rd place for the semifinals and finished the Championship in the 3rd position, leaving behind teams like Palmeiras, Corinthians and Sao Paulo.

After the arrival of Cecilio, Grêmio won 87.5% of the points played, ranked in the 3rd place for the semifinals and finished the Championship in the 3rd position, leaving behind teams like Palmeiras, Corinthians and Sao Paulo.

Toninho Cecílio also coached Grêmio Prudente until the 13th round of the 2010 Brazilian Championship. His numbers leading the team were the best among all coaches that Grêmio hired after him in that season and it was enough to make them finish the Championship outside the group of four teams demoted to the second division.

After he left Grêmio Prudente, Cecílio coached Vitória (from Bahia state) during part of the 2010 Brazilian Championship and the South American Cup. At the national competition, the 42.85% of points achieved by Toninho would be enough to place the team in the 12th position and a place in the next season of the South American Cup. His performance was virtually identical to Vagner Mancini's and Paulo Cesar Carpegiani's who led Vitória in previous years, and was the best among all coaches that commanded Vitória in 2010.

São Caetano was Cecílio's new challenge. He coached the first team during the 2010 Second Division Brazilian Championship and the 2011 São Paulo State Championship. Along the national competition, Toninho obtained 45% of points in 15 games coaching São Caetano.

Also in 2011, Toninho Cecílio accepted the invitation to coach Americana Futebol Ltda and his team struggled until the last round of the group stage to stay among the best eight teams, which would lead them to the knockout phase of the tournament. After that, he contributed to the team formation that competed at the Second Division Brazilian Championship. Having a budget lower than teams such as Vitória, Náutico, Sport, Portuguesa, Criciúma, Ponte Preta, among others had, Americana got to the final round of the competition with real chances to ascend to the Firts Division. They were among the four best teams of the tournament at several moments.

Cecílio was hired by Avaí to lead the first team during the 2011 First Division Brazilian Championship. He got the best numbers among the coaches that led the club that year. Moreover, during the time he coached, Avaí was one of the four clubs that scored more goals at the national competition.

In the second half of 2012, Tom was hired by Paraná Clube, took the team that was close to the relegation zone and took him to 10th place. In 2013, promoted 15 players in the lower grades.

In a Comercial, Toninho Cecilio broke a taboo that lasted more than two years. The team of Ribeirão Preto not won outside of Ribeirão Preto for 35 games.

In 2015, Toninho Cecilio takes XV de Piracicaba in the 7th round of the Championship, in 17th position. The campaign team so far was a win and five losses, recovery of 16.7%.

With Toninho Cecilio in charge, the XV de Piracicaba won 4 of 9 matches played in the 1st phase of the championship, tied the other 3 and was defeated in two opportunities, one use of 55.55%.

The use of the XV de Piracicaba with Toninho Cecilio was higher than sixth place in the overall standings of the first phase of Paulistão (53.3%);
With Toninho Cecilio, the team finished the first phase of the championship in 13th place overall and qualified for the quarterfinals of Paulistão with the second best record of your group;
For 25 years the XV de Piracicaba is not classified for the decisive stages of the Championship.

Curriculum as Coach

paraguacuenseParaguaçuense - Campeonato Paulista Série A2 in 2002

fortalezaFortaleza Esporte Clube (Substitute Coach) 2005-2006

guaratinguetaGuaratinguetá Futebol Ltda. – Série A1-Campeonato Paulista in 2007

* Under his command, Guaratiguetá got enough points to stay at the Campeonato Paulista First Division.

* Toninho left the team after receiving an invitation to become Palmeiras' Football Manager.

gremio barueriGrêmio Prudente Futebol Ltda. – Série A1-Campeonato Paulista 2010/ Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2010

* Toninho Cecílio took Grêmio Prudente to the 2010 Campeonato Paulista semifinals for the first time in the history of the club and finished the competition in the 3rd position, ahead of great clubs such as Corinthians, Palmeiras, São Paulo and Portuguesa. Under his command, Grêmio Prudente obtained 87.5% of the points played at the 2010 Campeonato Paulista.

* During the 2010 Campeonato Brasileiro, Toninho Cecílio got the best numbers among the professionals who commanded Grêmio Prudente. While he was Head Coach, he kept the team outside the group of the four worst teams.

* Toninho stayed at Grêmio Prudente for 13 games and left the team when he got invited by E.C. Vitória to work as Head Coach.

vitoriaE.C. Vitória – Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2010/ Copa Sulamericana 2010

* As E.C. Vitória Head Coach, Toninho won 43% of the points played. At the end of the tournament, this numbers would give Vitória the opportunity to play the following season of Copa Sulamericana.

* Under his command, the Vitória team did not face the relegation zone. He was dismissed without even having lost two consecutive games and with no defeats in Salvador.

sao-caetanoA.D. São Caetano – Campeonato Brasileiro da Série B 2011/ Campeonato Paulista 2011

* Toninho was hired by São Caetano to finish the second division of the 2010 Campeonato Brasileiro and plan the team for the following season. He led the team in 15 matches of the second division and won approximately 45% of the points played. He was dismissed after two rounds of the Campeonato Paulista 2011 without even use de players he had hired. São Caetano end this championship in 9th place with a good work of Ademir Fonseca.

americanaAmericana Futebol Ltda. – Campeonato Paulista 2011/ Campeonato Brasileiro da Série B 2011

* Headed by Cecílio, Americana struggled to stay among the eight best teams of the Campeonato Paulista until the last round of the competition.

* At Americana, Toninho collaborated in assembling the cast to dispute the second division of the Campeonato Brasileiro. He was dismissed at the end of the first round after staying for several rounds in the G-4. Americana had lower budget than teams like Vitória, Náutico, Sport, Portuguesa, Criciúma and Ponte Preta, among others, but the team got to the last round of the competition with good chances of classification to the first division. 

avaiAvaí - Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2011

* Cecílio was hired at the 19th round of the Campeonato Brasileiro while Avaí was deep into the relegation zone. He was the coach with best performance in the club during this competition.

* Under his command, Avaí was one of the four best attacks of the 2011 Campeonato Brasileiro.

* He was dismissed four rounds before the end of the tournament. 

parana-clubeParaná Clube – Brazilian Championship Serie B (2012) / Paraná Championship and Brazilian Cup (2013)

guaratinguetaGuaratinguetá Futebol Clube - Brazilian Championship Serie B (2013)

Resultado de imagem para comercial ribeirComercial Futebol Clube - Paulista Championhip (2014)

Resultado de imagem para criciumaCriciúma Esporte Clube - Brazilian Championship (2014)

XV de Piracicaba-SP logoEsporte Clube XV de Piracicaba - Paulista Championship (2015)

mogi-mirim-01Mogi Mirim E.C. - Campeonato Paulista A1 (2016)

 120px-Santo Andre escudoE.C. Santo André - Campeonato Paulista A2 (2016)

Paulista Champion - Paulista Championship A2 (2016)

Acess to A1 Series Championship 2017


Complementary  activities

President of the Union of Professional Football Athletes of São Paulo

II INDESP Seminar os Sports Marketing – Santos – 1996

I World Soccer Marketing Symposium – São Paulo – 1997

X Soccer Clinic – International Soccer Coaching Course – 2001

Course: “Sports contract before the new FIFA regulation related to the statute and players transfer” and “Professional Athletes transfer under brazilian legislation” – Menezes & Lopes Advogados - 2002

Collaborator of site in section "Sindicato e Associações".

2º Meeting of the State Professional Soccer Manager São Paulo - May 2016

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